GSHPA responds to call for evidence on the
Renewable Heat Incentive


The GSHPA has responded to the call for evidence by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change on the: Renewable Heat Incentive.

See GSHPA Response to Energy Select Committee of MPs on 21 February 2013.


You will see from the GSHPA response that we believe the most urgent problem is for DECC to provide a balanced set of tariffs for the RHI Commercial and to provide certainty so that businesses can gain confidence in the RHI system. Currently over 98.5% of RHI payments are made to owners of biomass boilers.

The most urgent problem for RHI Domestic is to launch the incentives for householders.

We call upon parliament and DECC to understand the potential for GSHPs and to support the recycling of solar energy as an efficient means of combating climate change instead of blocking the use of this uniquely efficient renewable energy technology.


Please see the full GSHPA Response to the Select Committee.


Please also see Ten reasons why DECC should support Ground Source Energy.