Ground Source Heat Pump Association


GSHPA Members Consultation - Summer 2016


As a trade association the GSHPA exists to encourage the growth of the ground source heat pump industry in the UK and support its members. We were established over 10 years ago, and during that time the industry has changed considerably with developments in Government policy.

With the appointment of a new secretariat in April 2016 we have taken the opportunity to review, not only our structure and administration processes, but our very purpose. In short: are we delivering what our members want in this new and changing landscape?

In July 2016 the GSHPA conducted a six week consultation with its existing, potential and ex members. The consultation consisted of a questionnaire set out in six parts: Communication, Training, GSHPA Standards and Technical Advice, Membership Benefits, Events and Exhibitions and Brexit and Beyond.

We received 41 responses, just under a third of our membership, and the results are helping us to shape the future of the GSHPA as we strive to become a more effective trade association.

You can read the full report or see a presentation which summarises the results. We are working on refining what we do to more closely aligned with what our members expect. However, this is an on-going process so please feed back to us any further suggestions you have so that we can keep on track.

If you have any questions about the consultation or are interested in finding out more about what we are going to do with the results, please email


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