Referral Traffic through live links

We live in an internet world.

One of the advantages of being members of the GSHPA is being listed on the GSHPA website – including live links to your own website from the Members pages.

This not only provides you with publicity – it also enhances the visibility and "ranking" of your website with search engines like Google.

The GSHPA website is also enhanced by links from other websites, especially websites which generate many visits through having interesting content – including websites of our own members.

You can help to enhance the ranking of by providing links from your own website. The easiest way to do this is by including a link behind the GSHPA Members logo on your website.

This page lists the websites of members of the GSHP Association through whom this site receives the largest number of "Referrals":

Installers of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

Click on names to link to websites


Nu-Heat UK Ltd

Consultants on Ground Source Energy

Holymoor Consultancy Ltd

John Cantor Heat Pumps Ltd

Drilling and Piling Services to the Ground Source Industry

Teckna Group Ltd

Trade Associations

British Drilling Association Ltd

Heat Pump Association

Benefiting from Referral Links

If you would like your site to benefit from referral links from this page, then please arrange for live links from pages on your website to the GSHPA website by including links like the following:

Ground Source Heat Pump Association

The coding to include a link like the one above is as follows:

<a href="" >
<img src="" alt="Ground Source Heat Pump Association"
onmouseover="this.src = '' ;"
onmouseout="this.src = '' ;" /> </a>

Please also include a link to the GSHPA on the Links page of your own website:

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association encourages the growth and development of the ground source heat pump industry in the United Kingdom