Ground Source Heat Pump Association


Renewable Heat Incentive – Commercial RHI

Owners of ground source heat pumps systems (and other eligible renewable heat technologies) installed since 15 July 2009, can apply to Ofgem to be paid 8.7 pence/kWhour of renewable heat generated for the next 20 years.

The Renewable Heat Incentive can be received by owners of non-domestic buildings for 20 years based on the metered heat delivered from ground source heat pumps.

Tariffs for GSHPs Double in May Consultation Review – confirmed on 4 December 2013

The RHI tariff table below shows the technologies eligible for Commercial RHI and the subsidy received for each technology. The RHI provides a major incentive for owners to invest in ground source heat pumps and solar thermal renewable heat technologies. The tariffs are based on pence/kWh of renewable heat delivered.

Dramatically increased rates for GSHPs were proposed in DECC's May 2013 Consultation and subsequently confirmed on 4 December 2013. The grants vary with the technology and scale used as follows:

Renewable Heat Incentive
Scale Old RHI tariffs
Revised RHI tariffs
Tariff lifetime
in years
Ground source heat pumps up to 100 kW 4.8 8.7 20
Ground source heat pumps over 100 kW 3.5 8.84 20
Air to water heat pumps¹ 0.0 2.5 20
Solar thermal up to 200 kW 9.2 10.0 20
Solid biomass up to 200 kW 8.6 8.6 20
Solid biomass 200-1,000 kW 5.3 5.0 20
Solid biomass over 1,000 kW 1.0 2.0 20
Biomethane All scales 7.3 7.3 20

RHI rates published by Ofgem for year from 1 April 2013 – rates change with inflation each year.

RHI rates for ground source heat pumps fall to 2.6p for use over 15% of the full rated capacity per annum.

RHI rates for medium and small biomass fall to 2.2p for use over 15% of the full rated capacity per annum.

Revised rates published on 4 December 2013.

¹ RHI for ashp is subject to ashp achieving a CoP greater than 2.5.

Experienced Contractor

A ground source heat pump provides an excellent method for providing emission free heating and avoiding further rises in energy bills, as well as attracting RHI, but they must be installed by an experienced contractor for the full potential to be realised.

Please verify if your contractor is a member of the GSHP Association.