GSHP Conference 2008
Geothermal Live! at GeoDrilling 2008
2 May 2008


Ground source energy and Government plans

Low carbon and renewable energy – UK strategy to 2020 Caroline Season, DEFRA
Carbon Emission Reduction Targets Dr Penny Dunbabin, DEFRA
Ground source heat pumps - a regulator's perspective Dr John Aldrick, Environment Agency
The Road to 2016 - using Merton to achieve zero carbon Jonah Anthony, Micropower Council

Procuring ground source heat pump systems

Planning and contracting, a route map for developers Duncan Nicholson, Arup
A building services consulting engineer's perspective Keith Horsley, Hoare Lea
The procurement and commissioning of drilling services Andy Howley, Loopmaster

Applications for heat pumps

Heat pump case studies Phil Moore, Eco Heat Pumps Ltd
Commercial open loop installations Iain Howley, Loopmaster
Open loop ground energy systems David Whitaker, Arup

Heating system design with heat pumps

Radiators and low temperature heating distribution systems Bill Bucknell, DH & EE
Designing GSHP systems to deliver carbon reductions Robin Curtis, EarthEnergy Ltd

Lessons learnt form the GSHP process

Case studies of large applications Guus Van Gelder, Groen Holland

Thermal response testing

200m closed loophole for BAA at Stansted Dr Gary Holmes, WJ Groundwater Ltd
200m closed loophole for BAA at Stansted Julian Hatherall, WSP Environmental and Energy
TRT measurements: compact device for determination of geothermal characteristics of soils  Professor Lyesse Laloui, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
Formation thermal conductivity testing
Thermal conductivity cell Peter Keeton, Soil Mechanics

Out of the ground

CO2 tubes - an alternative application of ground collectors Karl Ochsner, Ochsner Heat Pumps
Ways of improving the performance of ground energy systems Ryan Law, Arup

The future of ground source energy

Skills and research Dr Natalie Kruse, Newcastle University
Successes and aspirations of the GSHPA David Matthews, GSHPA

Heat exchange piles

Energy piles in the UK Tony Amis, Cementation Foundations Skanska
European Experience of energy piles Alfons Ebnöther, Haka Gerodur
The behaviour of heat exchange piles Professor Lyesse Laloui, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne