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7 June 2011


 Growth in the ground source heat pump market – role of Government

Government policy regarding renewable heat Andrej Miller – DECC
Increasing use of GSHP in Europe – market, incentives, regulations and savings Philippe Dumas – European Geothermal Energy Council
Accelerating the UK GSHP industry to meet challenges Dr Robin Curtis – Neo Energy

Market growth – commercial and domestic

1,200 homes on heat pumps – design and implementation Guus van Gelder – Groenholland

Energy piles and thermal response testing

Conductivity soil testing for horizontal ground loops John Findlay – Carbon Zero
Energy piles and diaphragm walls Tony Amis – Geothermal International Ltd
Thermal response testing Simon Rees – De Montfort University
Thermal conductivity testing Daniel Bernstein – Gaia Geothermal, LLC
Advanced thermal response testing and complex UTES arrays Göran Hellström – NeoEnergy Sweden
Energy piles for residential installations Chris Wood – University of Nottingham

Integration of ground source with other technologies

How to double the performance of ground source heat pumps Edward Thompson – ICAX Ltd
Integrating ground source with other energy technologies Nic Wincott – NeoEnergy Sweden AB
Selecting microgeneration technologies David Matthews – GSHPA
Training of heating engineers Nigel Hollett – SummitSkills

Maintaining standards and quality

Environment Agency's position on ground source heat pumps Anna Hall – Environment Agency
Industry standards, GSHPA publications Andy Howley – Loopmaster
Deep geothermal energy in the UK Ryan Law – Geothermal Engineering
Care Home for the Elderley, Cramlington Dr Stephen Thomas – OGI