Ground Source Energy Expo 2015
Sustainable Heating and Cooling
Thursday 10 September 2015
The Ricoh Arena, Coventry


There was an invitation to come on September 10 and learn about developments in the GSHP market, both domestic and commercial, at the Ground Source Energy Expo 2015 and to join the GSHPA for key updates on the development of GSHP Standards and the RHI to support the sustainable growth of the Ground Source Industry.

Heating and Renewables Roadshow

The Ground Source Enery Expo 2015 was held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, alongside the Heating & Renewables Roadshow.

The domestic RHI was launched on 9 April 2014. Commercial RHI tariffs for GSHPs doubled on 28 May 2014 and this proven lowest running cost, lowest carbon renewable heating technology offers the huge potential to help meet the UK's carbon emission reduction targets. It also provides the lowest running cost of any cooling technology

If you missed the event you can see copies of the slide presentations by clicking on the titles below - although these do not give the full flavour of the conference or allow you to benefit from the networking opportunites these successful conferences permit.

The GSHP Market

10.00 GSHP market and the RHI   Simon Lomax, Chairman of GSHPA

Ground Source Heat Pumps – Domestic market

Chairman: Robin Curtis, Geoscience Ltd
10.15 Domestic GSHP design       John Cantor, John Cantor Heat Pumps Ltd
10.30 Domestic GSHP installations       Tessa Guy, Baystar Ltd
11.00 Open Forum Speakers above

Ground Source Heat Pumps – Commercial

Chairman: Edward Thompson, ICAX Ltd
12.00 Commercial GSHP installations       Matthew Evans, TGE Ltd
12.15 ATES system performance & Trafford Town Hall Nick Boid, IFTech Ltd
12.30 Open Forum Speakers above

Water Source Heat Pumps

Chairman: Michael Moggeridge, LWRC Ltd
13.45 Surface Water Source Heat Pumps      Nic Wincott, Neoenergy (Sweden) Ltd
14.00 Environment Agency Regulation     John Findlay, Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd
14.15 Plas Newydd Marine Source Heat Pump Edward Wood, National Trust
14.30 Open Forum Speakers above

Economics of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Chairman: Karl Drage
15.15 Lobbying DECC to improve the RHI       Chris Davidson
15.30 Commercial GSHP economics       Neil Simpson, GI
15.45 Micro district GSHP networks      Steve Grocock, Trent & Dove Housing
16.00 Open Forum Speakers above


GSHPA is very grateful to its sponsors for contributing to this year's Ground Source Energy Expo:

GSHPA is very grateful to those who exhibited at Ground Source Energy Expo 2015: